Pre orders made after 19/10/21 are expected mid/late December.


Batch #2 expected mid - late December 2021



As you may have heard, there are currently massive global freight delays with lorries backed up at all ports and customs. We have been working closely with the factory through this unprecedented time of disruption and arranged to ship a portion of the entire order via air mail.

This batch has now fully sold out which means all orders made after 19/10/21 will be despatched mid/late December.

Thank you to everyone that has placed an order we cannot wait to see CRUX out in the wild!

also available at

Great fun for up to 5 players

Real games in a digital age.

The kids loved it....... until I destroyed them with the bail card!

John the jug

My finger strength has at least tripled since I started playing 3 months ago. Hopefully they will release a double strength deck soon.

Colin the crimp

I'm starting to think that playing Crux is actually making me stronger.

Mikey the machine

56 cards with Original artwork